Alley Art Update

Spread the word: Alley Art is on it’s way! There are just a couple more weeks until 30+ artists unleash their artistic visions upon the unsuspecting people of Black Oak Casino. Below are examples of some of the directions artists have been taking their bowling pins.

Remember all of the pins and other art will only be displayed together as a collection once, from May 21st to the 23rd. If you are in North America at the time you should make the pilgrimage to Tuolumne City’s Black Oak Casino to roll some rocks, sip a Caucasian and purchase some purdy pins.


4 thoughts on “Alley Art Update

  1. judyart

    Sounds really great! Wish I could’ve been one of the artists. Sounds like a blast. Didn’t know anything about it. Can’t wait to see the show.

  2. Peter

    Been working on mine almost non-stop!! (sculpting small background details right now) 🙂 Hopefully it will be finished this week. Looks like there will be a lot of interested stuff at the show!

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